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907 Constant Temperature Electric Soldering Iron Lead-free 60W free shipping soldering iron 60w electric soldering iron constant temperature solder iron
Descriptions: 907 Constant Temperature Electric Soldering Iron Lead-free Internal Heating 220V 60W Model: 907 Output Power: 60W Output Temperature: 200 C - 450 C Input Voltage: 220V Insulation Resistance: 100M Length: 240mm Color: Transparent Features: Lead-free long-life tip configuration, safe and reliable grounding device. Particular stable welding temperature, the power of the heating element strong. Eco-friendly ways of working, power consumption 50% lower than the average iron. Ultrafast heating features, speed and temperature compensation of the regenerator. Note: 1. We will send you a plug adapter according to your country. 2. Please pay attention to the working voltage: 220V. Do not supply more than or less than 220V working power. Package Included: 1x Electric Soldering Iron
9.97 RUR